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Here is a generic list of inspections conducted in Tiffin.  This in no way is an entire list.  

    24-hour battery test with 5-mintute trip test.
    Electrical breaker lock and labeling of panel. (ID breaker w/red color.  Label “FACP” w/panel door closed.)
    Device trip (pull station, detectors, check the cD are correct according to the print, and confirm any strobes/horns synced.
    Notification callout and confirmation with emergency dispatch of address and device. (“Live”, not in test)
    Documentation box, confirm installed and correct documentation inside.
    ROC is submitted to compliance engine.
    Test tamper alarm.
    Test duct detectors for supervisory and tamper. (if applicable)
    Riser trip test with timing of trip.  ((Between 35-45 seconds) preferred.)
    Jockey Pump-Supervisor alarm.
    Fire Pump activation alarm.

    Underground high velocity flush.
    Underground hydrostatic 2-hour test.
    2-hour hydrostatic testing for above ground piping.
    Forward flow.
    Test tamper alarm.
    Confirm Knox caps on FDC.
    Fire pump testing.
    ROC is submitted to compliance engine.
    Jockey Pump-Supervisor alarm.
    Fire Pump activation alarm.
    Sprinkler head box and replacement head with wrench.
    Confirm correct sprinkler heads installed correct temp & type per design.
    Backflow test and documentation.
    Dry system testing.



  •  KNOX:
    FDC Caps.
    Knox box installation, programming, and keys.
    Elevator Key Knox.
    Documentation Box (Knox Doc if in unsecured room or location.)

    Emergency lights and exit sign 90-minute battery load test.
    Fire Extinguisher placement and appropriate tag by licensed state contractor.
    Labeling of doors.
    Address signage.
    Fire stopping/smoke barrier.
    Insulation between floor joist unprotected.
    Elevators call out.
    Gas detection systems.
    Signage for egress & stairways.

    Brianna Wilkerson

    Deputy City Clerk
    300 Railroad St
    Tiffin, IA 52340
    Permit Portal:
    P: 319.545.2572 option 4
    F: 319.545.4147

Be specific to your request for inspection and approximate timeframe.