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Water & Sewer

New-build:  New-build units will require the connection of a water meter.
Moving: Notify Utility Department of move-outs prior to move-out date.  Forwarding addresses must be provided.

Utility Billing Clerk – Emily Meyer

Water and Sewer services are billed monthly.
Meters are read monthly from approximately the 15th of the previous month to the 15th of the current month.
Payments are due the 20th of each month.

Water service is billed monthly at a minimum of:
Base Rate – $7.00

Flow Rate – $5.50 per 1000 gallon or $0.0055 per gallon.
Bulk Water Rate – $10.50 per 1000 gallon or $.0105 per gallon.

Sewer service is billed monthly at a minimum of:
Base Rate – $19.50 

Flow Rate – $4.75 per 1000 gallon or $0.00475 per gallon.

Storm water is billed monthly at:
Residential - $3
Commercial - $5

Sales tax is billed at:
Residential units:  6% for water service. 

Commercial units: 6% for water service and 6% for sewer service.

City Ordinance requires:
Renters will be charged a $120.00 Water Deposit on their rental unit (effective November 1st, 2021). The deposit stays with the utility account until the service is terminated.  When that occurs, the deposit is applied towards the final bill and any remainder is refunded to the account holder. The deposit is non-transferable to another location or person.

Delinquent bills will be followed by a late notice and late fee.  (City Ordinance allows additional fees and disconnection of services due to non-payment.)

Water and Sewer testing is conducted as required by the Federal and State strict standards. Public Works personnel are certified in Water and Sewer testing and treatment as required. Public Works officials are required to gather spigot water samples from various locations within the Utility Service area.
Report immediately any water and sewer problems within the city.
Emergency telephone 319.631.1698. (Not to be used for re-connection due to non-payment)

Bulk Water: 
Our Fill Station is located near our yard waste dump. 
Bulk Water is available for purchase by using a credit card only.